The Sanctuary

In special circumstances, it may be possible to hire the Sanctuary. This has seating on the ground floor for 180 and upstairs for a further 120+. (Several people have said that the chairs in the Sanctuary are the most comfortable they have ever found in a church!) We do not permit the consumption of food and drink in the Sanctuary, but hirers would be able to take advantage of the Concourse and main kitchen (and if numbers make it necessary, other rooms as well) for serving refreshments. A grand piano is available, and by special arrangement with our musical director, people with suitable qualifications may be allowed to use the organ. (The organ was newly-installed in 1996, and is a three-manual with 55 voice stops.) The Sanctuary has proved to be an ideal venue for concerts and public meetings - one of the advantages of the Sanctuary for these is that it connects via a vestibule to London Street, making it easy to supervise admissions.


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