London Street United Reformed, Basingstoke. Hants. RG2I 7NU

Booking and the conditions of Use Church Premises.

I. All communications about bookings must be made in writing and addressed to the bookings Secretary (see overleaf). If preliminary enquiries have been made by telephone they must be confirmed in writing.

2. Seven clear days notice of cancellation must be given, in writing, to the Bookings Secretary otherwise userís charges will have to paid.

3. Accounts must be paid within one month of dispatch, any group in arrears with payments due is liable to forfeit bookings.

4. The Church reserves the right to decline a booking without giving reasons.

5. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that access to the premises is possible abthe relevant time; the bookings secretary should be consulted, Keys must be returned immediately after use.

6, The premises must be vacated by the end of the period for which they have been booked.

7. No alcoholic drinks may be brought on to the premises except with prior permission from the Church Eiders Meeting. No smoking and no animals (except guide dogs) are permitted on the premises.

8. All users are expected to leave the premises in a clean and tidy state; tables and chairs should be replaced in their original positions. Pianos must not be moved.

9. Kitchens may be used for the preparation of light refreshments, any use beyond this is by prior arrangement and instruction,

10. The use of the organ and pianos is by prior arrangement.

11. Those using Church premises are responsible for any damage to the property arising out of their use and a refundable bond may be required at time of booking as a surety

12. No gambling, gaming or raffles are allowed on the premises.

13. Users must have their own liability insurance. The Church accepts no responsibility for loss, damage or injury to any person or property, or theft, liability or expense suffered by any person during or as a result of the use of the premises. All persons using the Premises or bringing personal belongings to the Premises do so entirely at their own risk.

14. Advertising - this must be confined to an ĎAí board. No advertising banners, flags or posters are to be attached to the Church building or notice boards.

15. Security- The side door to May Place must be locked at all times (the knob on the inside secures this); the London Street door must also be locked from the inside unless one of your group is posted in the Concourse to prevent unauthorised entry. There is a bell for the us of late corners.

The last person to leave must leave by the London Street door and physically lock it from the outside with the key.

All windows must be closed, AU lights and cookers must be turned off If electrical appliances or lights are left on after use a charge will be made,

There is a Defects Book in the downstairs kitchen. Please let us know if bells, lights etc. are not working.

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